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Timberland Premium Boot


Timberland Premium Boot Review

 The Timberland Premium Boot offers what you expect from your standard work boot. It’s tough and offers adequate protection. Best Work Boots takes an in depth look at how the Timberland Premium Boot holds up against other top-brand names in the market of men’s work boot. Is it a worthy purchase or should you check elsewhere for the perfect work boot for your feet?


First off, at a price ranging from $125 – $300 you might expect it to be on par with other high quality and best work boots brand names but from our experience it gave a relatively average performance. Don’t get us wrong as it certainly delivered on its promises but for something with the name Timberland we expected a little extra considering the price.


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If there is one aspect that Timberland has clearly had a firm grasps in, it’s developing high quality waterproof boots. The Timberland Premium Boot utilizes lithe Nubuck full grain leather and abrasion resistant materials that will be able to handle wear and tear. It also focused more on the wearer’s comfort with an added exclusive anti-fatigue technology to help the wearer make it through the long days. Is it worthy of being added in the selection of the best work boots today? We’re still a little on the fence with that.


Overall, we here at Best Work Boots certainly give the Timberland Premium Boots a thumbs up for delivering what it marketed but with the growing list of high quality work boots on the market we hoped that Timberland Premium Boot offered more. That being said the Timberland Premium Boot gives wearer what they need with a comfortable fit and durability.


Timberland Premium Boot