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Red Wing WORX Cordura Review 

Red Wing’s WORX collection offers customers the very best selection of work boots at a reasonable price. One of the top products in this catalogue is the Red Wing WORX Cordura Waterproof Steel Toe EH Boots. The Waterproof Steel Toe EH Boots has developed one of the best work boots around that not only offer flexibility and durability but also the best waterproof boots today.


Pricing at around $150 only, the Red Wing WORX Waterproof Steel Toe EH Boots is clearly one of the more affordable boots in Red Wing’s extensive catalogue. This is by no means reflective of its quality. On the contrary, compared to other brands in the same price range the WORX Waterproof Steel Toe EH Boot can compete in both comfort and durability section but blast away the competition when it comes to complete waterproofing. Our Best Work Boots staff has subjected it through the harshest water tests.


 The Red Wing WORX Cordura  Waterproof Steel Toe EH Boots achieves this by combining several techniques in waterproofing boots. It took an 8” leather trimmed Cordura nylon and stitched it to a seam-seal equipped sole. To further enforce its water sealing property a breathable waterproof membrane is placed inside as well. It uses crosswire outsole design to obtain the best traction possible and is electric proof as well. This results in one of the best work boots when it comes to tackling anything involving water.


The Red Wing WORX Cordura Waterproof Steel Toe EH is considered the best work boots to handle all sorts of work from construction to engineering. It is basically an all-in-one. While it is not perfect and there are still some shortcomings, the Red Wing WORX Cordura  Waterproof Steel Toe EH Boot more than make up for it with its overall quality, protection, durability, flexibility and comfort.



Red Wing WORX Cordura