Irish Setter Work Boots 101

 Irish setter Work Boots

Irish setter Work Boots

Red Wing is one of the top names when it comes to manufacturing high quality boots, either work boot or hunting boots. Red Wing has been a long standing manufacturer with over 100 years of experience in the business. One of their most well-known brands is definitely the Irish setter work boots. The Irish setter boots have been around for decades now and has been a favorite of customers as it offers one of the highest level of durability when it comes to work boots.

The Irish setter work boots have been the premier series of Red Wing and the brand has pooled all the resources into making sure that the Irish setter boots will offer all the necessary protection and features and then some. The series has always had high praise given to them in various Irish setter mens work boot reviews as well, the brand has a reputation to keep and it seems to have its foot solidly on the ground.

Technology behind Irish setter Work Boots

The Irish setter work boots uses various technologies incorporated into their boots to ensure that wearers will have the highest caliber experience possible. One of the most prevalent technologies used by Red Wing is the Thinsulate by 3M. Thinsulate is a technology that offers excellent waterproofing and insulation to the wearer. Some of the best insulated work boots use this technology as well. Irish setter boots commonly integrate this technology that protects wearer even in damp and humid environments. This is why Irish setter mens work boot are ranked very high when it comes to work boots with top-notch insulation and waterproofing.

Irish setter Work Boots

Irish setter Work Boots

Another technology used extensively by Red Wing in the Irish setter series is the CuShin Comfort Tongue. This is one of the best features that Irish setter work boots have. When it comes to work boots, comfort is an essential factor that must always be considered. Sure, protection should be placed in high regard but what is the point of protecting your feet from outside hazards when damage is being dealt from within? CuShin Comfort Tongue technology is specifically designed to decrease the strain on the feet and offering greater flexibility and shock absorbing qualities.

The UltraDry technology is one of the best additions to the Irish setter boots. The UltraDry technology ensures that the boot will stay dry and lessen the wear and tear from being exposed to water. Combine this technology with Thinsulate and you yourself one of the best waterproof boots today.

One factor that should always be present in work boots is its traction capability. Irish setter work boots uses Vibram outsoles that offer one of the best traction to any type of surface. Whether you are in rugged terrain or wet surfaces, Vibram has been tested to ensure that you will greatly minimize and slip related accidents.

The Irish setter work boots series has been one of the best when it comes to overall performance, but it also does something that some of its competition cannot. When it comes to style, the Irish setter work boots will not be left behind in the dust. In fact, the design of each of the Irish setter boots has been given praise in numerous Irish setter mens work boot reviews. The rugged and tough as nails design of each Irish setter perfectly exudes the quality it can deliver. You can check our numerous Irish setter mens work boot reviews as proof of the brand’s perfect blending of style and performance. If you are looking for a work boot that offers amazing protection while also being quite stylish, then the Irish setter is a must.

Taking Care of your Work Boot

As with all items, work boots need to be maintained properly in order to ensure that it will sustain its quality longer. Irish setter work boots will have specific methods of maintenance depending whether you have a rough out leather or oiled leather boots. For example, when it comes to oiled leather boots you must make sure that it is dried in a low humidity area. Also, keep in mind to not place it in direct sunlight as extreme heat can reduce the level of oil. You will also need to re-apply oil (Red Wing Shoes Boot Oil or Mink Oil) to the boot over time. When it comes to rough out leather, be sure to avoid using leather cleaners as it can reduce the outer quality of the boot. It is important to be well-informed about how to take care of your Irish setter work boots to ensure that your investment will not go to waste.

Irish setter work boots are among the top tier brands in the market today. If you are looking for a work boot that offers high level of protection and comfort then this series by Red Wing is a great choice. Learn more about the various models with our collection of Irish setter mens work boot reviews.

Irish setter Work Boots